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"But those are tha best kind!" Tesni declared, quietly so as not to alert anyone to their presence. She blinked, surprised and impressed at his knowledge. "Ye do know something about my kind it seems. Though I should make it clear I was referring ta my world itself and not just my people. Both make danger a part of everyday life."

"Well i am a scholar, top of my class too." he mused a bit before hiding behind a bigger pile of boxes. "I doubt you would be able to beat a species that just keeps multiplying…There’s no end to them so the only other option is to survive and escape."


"Sooooo… what ye’re saying is we need to outrun whatever it is?" Tesni asked, eyes taking on a special sheen. Out running them was something she could definitely do. She began to take off her shirt.

||At Least I Still Have Each Other||@Shannon



He was starting to scare her. The shuddering, the halting way he spoke, like he was trying to hold something back. It was making her afraid. He was a stranger, and bigger than her, and someplace he shouldn’t be. Acting as he did only made it more clear he might do something, maybe to her, maybe to himself.

She didn’t want to go back out after having just come in here to escape, but he was starting to make it seem like a good idea with how much he didn’t want her here. Maybe she should go?

But she was hesitating. With how he was acting, he seemed in trouble. If he was a real person, she could leave and maybe go tell someone he needed help. But if he was one of the people only she could see… She swallowed, and slowly spoke. “Are you… are you going to hurt me if I stay?”

Hurt? Hurt was in the mind, hurt was no issue; hurt was nothing when you clogged up the brain-cells. Hurt was shit is you fucked up one part of the brain and messed into another. Hurt was pain, pain circulated throughout the brain but the brain is comprehensive and if you can’t comprehend it how could it hurt.

Hurt. Fuck, he could make her hurt if he wanted too. He had a knife, and wings as a metaphor to fly on and, god, he was fucking tense. He was terrified. He was shaking. He could.

She was back talking. 

Of course he’d hurt her. Of course he would. She’d touch him. She’d say anything to tell whoever was out there; she’d speak and they’d drag him in so he could feel the way his stomach made him curl.

But…maybe if he spoke he wouldn’t be taken with that regard.

Shannon choked out, “No,” and held his lips tightly together so his mind wouldn’t blare out like systems of a town. His stomach clenched, eyes bug-like and teeth trapping his tongue on the inside with his words tucked, trapped, in the animus where they were…simply…just words.

He hoped they were just words.

"Ok. Then um…" So he wasn’t going to hurt her. That was good. She wasn’t sure she trusted him, but she decided to believe what he said. Especially if he was someone only she could see. Not that they’d never hurt her before but, well, they’d never done so on purpose.

Now what though? She cast around for something to say, but wasn’t coming up with anything profound. Maybe she should just… introduce herself. 

"I’m Luna. Luna Iannelli." She told him, giving a pathetic little wave. She was too scared to try shaking hands or anything like that. "Um, and you are? Only if you want to I mean. You don’t have to tell me your name."




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